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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to get a copy of a hud statement

Instructions and Help about How to get a copy of a hud statement

Hello everyone this is Jim with automatic poker comm and today I'm going to show you how to build a basic HUD from scratch now this HUD would be perfect for somebody just getting started using HUDs or for someone just looking for something very simple that they can use to get a few reads on their opponents at the tables now this HUD can be a starting point for someone and be expanded on later you can actually put pop-ups into this HUD to gain more expanded reads as you face different situations and just use this as a springboard to your play I will be building this HUD using Hold'em manager as you can see on the left hand side here this is the HUD building feature found within hold a manager once we are done the HUD we build will look like the one here on the right-hand side of your screen as you can see we have very few stats but each one of these stats serves a purpose and we will go through that as the video continues and as we build the HUD so hang tight and we'll get started shortly so if you aren't familiar with what a HUD is it is a acronym that means heads-up display but basically what it does is it takes all of the statistics that your tracking software tracks during hands and displays pertinent information as to the playing styles of your opponents and manifests it in a heads-up display on your tables so that you can use that information to make more accurate and better decisions at the poker table whether it be through Reed's or through basic mathematical analysis and frequencies but we're not going to get in all that complicated mumbo-jumbo I'm just going to show you a few stats tell you exactly how you can use those stats and show you how to build it here inside holder manager and then you can get off and start playing with your new HUD now this HUD will also I'm assuming be relevant for use and the other major software out there which is called PokerTracker so by using this tutorial you should be able to also build a HUD within that software as well but this is my favorite software to use so that's the one that I'm going to use to show you how to build your HUD so the first thing that we want to do is choose all of the stats that we want to include in this HUD well the first thing we have is vpip which is shown right here and that can be found to your right here under vpip and pick total vpip and then move it to the left by clicking this button right here and it will show up right here the next step that we want is total preflop raised so we go to the PFR section here and click total PFR and.

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