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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing hud 1 software free download

Instructions and Help about hud 1 software free download

What's up guys Fernando here aka 289 to 37 and today's video I want to show you how to build a hut in Hold'em and enter 2 now in preparation to my bankroll challenge I want to make sure that I have all things set up in order to succeed at this in government and maybe you want to take poker to the next level yourself and I think having hold manager in place and understanding how to use a heart to your advantage is very important so in this video I'm going to help you out understanding how to do so how to work better with hold manager and also in the future I'm going to be making more videos along those lines in terms of how to use those tools around poker in order to succeed in case you want to download the hub that I'm just building in this video or using in this video there's a link in the description below you can do so for absolutely free and if you don't have hold manager at all and you want to get your hands on it there's a link below in the description where you can buy it it's an affiliate links you're supporting me directly so that would be cool from my end there's no downside for you now let's head into the video in terms of how to build a hut and also what kinds statistics I'm using or take advantage of my opponents now the first thing to do here is you go into HUD settings and here in house settings you can import the how to downloaded from from from myself here it's called a Nana's version 1 and throughout the challenge I'm going to be updating and changing and improving my HUD and make it a little bit more sophisticated more complex and I'm going to share that with you guys will send you the updates via email if you download the link below you know you submit your email basically and I'm sending you all the updates of my heart so I'm going to call that version 2 version 3 and so on throughout my bankroll challenges the first version is already quite sophisticated but I'm missing yet a few things we're going to talk about it in the in a later stage of this video let's talk about the hands or the statistics they're actually in this Hubbs just as a reminder I'm going to show you here in the background how it is going to look at the end so I think we're going to keep it like this and then you use the editor one more time actually disappears okay when I'm around so the first things that I'm putting in here name and total hands I think those two statistics are quite important and I do know like a lot of you guys are already familiar with manager you already have a heart and you.