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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing hud forms 2021

Instructions and Help about hud forms 2021

You are watching a calyx software video tutorial in this story we'll cover completing the FHA VA addendum to URL a HUD form 92 900 a complete the loan application and fees worksheet as you would for any FHA or VA loan many fields from these screens will populate form 90 to 900 a use the forms menu to open the FHA VA addendum to URL a from the Federal Housing Administration drop-down on the list items one through three will automatically populate from your entries in the other screens select the section of the Act or FHA loan type from the drop down menu here item five through 12 will also automatically populate from your entries in other screens but you will need to complete items 13 through 25 as applicable to your lending institution the borrower and the transaction the approved or modified and approved section contains automatically populated fields and fields that require data to be entered manually to print the form click the printer icon to open the borrower forms dialog and select the FHA VA tab you will have two options available to choose from the 9200 a after August 1st 2021 or the 9200 a prior to August 1st 2021 thank you for watching this calyx software video tutorial on completing the FHA VA addendum to URL a HUD form 92 908.